About us

Gonz + Ros was created by founders Christine Gonzalez and Kimberly Rosario. They met while studying Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and became fast friends. Both returned to school mid-career with a desire to bring their designs to life and a passion to push the confines of conventional jewelry. However, they realized early on that their creations went beyond aesthetics. They wanted their designs to personify the intangible. To be a source of depth and self-reflection in the chaos that we live in.

Gonz + Ros combines minimalist design with elegant details and futuristic undertones. They create distinct pieces that converge their love for art, architecture, science, and the cosmos. Their focus is on strong, streamlined silhouettes and shapes, mixed with graphic explosions of color. Modern representations made for the forward-thinking individual. Someone who's free to be.

The Designers...
Kimberly has a background in floral and event design, working with luxury clientele in NYC.  Color inspiration for choosing gemstones comes from 15 years of working with flowers and combining the vibrant hues of blooms along with subtler variations of tone. Creating large scale sculptures from flowers, metal and acrylic led her to the finer details in jewelry design, and the desire to create works that would not wither away.
Christine has a background in research & analytics, but she has always held a passion for the arts - often experimenting with different mediums. She's an avid traveler and finds inspiration in nearly everything she encounters along her journeys. She also studied the art of Chasing and Repoussé under world renowned Master Valentin Yotkov.  Within this time, she honed her eye for fine detail, design, and surface embellishment.